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You supply freshness. We provide the solutions.

First-class packaging concepts for your products. From MULTIVAC.


It is not simply the end users looking for sustainable products. Within the food industry, retailers and wholesalers are also searching for environmentally-friendly packs that can be partially or completely replace conventional plastic products.

For 60 years, MULTIVAC has supported fruit and vegetable producers with its wide range of innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions. Today we are continuing to develop further as the leading partner for sustainable processing and packaging. Our comprehensive range of technology covers all requirements, and it extends from single machines for smaller cultivation businesses and cooperatives right up to fully automatic lines for large global companies.

Our customers worldwide see us as a partner who makes a crucial contribution to their success. Fruit and vegetable producers count on our solutions to protect their products, extend the shelf life, and reduce the loss of aroma and nutrition.


Pack more sustainably out of responsibility for the future

MULTIVAC has a wide range of solutions, which actively support you and your customers in operating sustainably.

Packs based on paper fibre

With MULTIVAC PaperBoard we can support you in increasing the recyclability of your packs, as well as reducing the consumption of plastic in your packaging by up to 85 %. The use of functional layers makes it possible to produce packs based on paper fibre, which can meet all the specific barrier properties needed for the particular product. Packaging solutions with MULTIVAC PaperBoard can be produced on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. Their paper and plastic components can be separated quickly and easily after use, so they can be directed to separate recycling loops.

Compostable packs

Bio-based and biologically degradable materials help to solve waste problems naturally. MULTIVAC offers packaging solutions suitable for home composting or commercial composting under controlled conditions. Compostable packs can be included in the recycling of food.


Recyclable plastics

Packs, which consist of only a single sort of material, can be fed directly to the particular recycling loop after use. Thanks to the MULTIVAC APET+ films, you can benefit from packaging solutions, where both the upper and lower webs consist of a mono-material, which can be completely recycled. Since there is no requirement with APET+ for an additional sealing layer, which compromises the recyclability of materials, it is possible to reduce the consumption of plastic by up to 15 %, when compared with the standard coated APET. APET+ can also be manufactured from up to 90 % recycled PET (rPET), which significantly reduces the CO₂ footprint still further.

Thermoforming packaging: The wide variety of packs

Benefit from the advantages of MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging solutions:

  • High level of output and pack quality
  • Individually tailored solutions as regards pack shape, opening aids, reclosure and other features.
  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ for fast and reliable wet cleaning
  • Process reliability
  • Long service life
  • Innovative technologies to reduce the consumption of plastic films and energy
  • Wide range of configurations and enhancements

Traysealers: Highest level of flexibility and reliability

Benefit from the advantages of MULTIVAC tray packaging solutions:

  • Quick product change
  • High level of reliability
  • Maximum output and reliability
  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ for fast and reliable wet cleaning
  • Innovative technologies to reduce the consumption of plastic films and energy
  • Wide range of configurations and enhancements


Your personal sample pack - Request it now

Packs are all-rounders when it comes to fresh food. They protect the product, extend its shelf life, and can be as sustainable as your customers expect.

If you would like to get a first impression, you can order your personal sample pack quickly and easily by post, or you can contact your local MULTIVAC adviser.

MULTIVAC FreshSAFE: Fresh for longer for certain!

Fruit and vegetables continue to live after harvesting. Regulating the natural metabolic processes plays a central role, preventing the product from drying out or perishing. MULTIVAC FreshSAFE optimises the oxygen content in the packs in the most natural way possible. Its objective is to maintain the most beneficial concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the particular product. This equilibrium atmosphere (EMAP) is achieved through the interaction between the respiration of the product and the required permeability of the film.

Pre-perforated films - or films perforated mechanically on the MULTIVAC line itself - ensure a controlled oxygen permeability is achieved, which is matched exactly to the specific respiration characteristics of the particular fresh product. These films provide a consistently ideal atmosphere within the pack. Naturally and sustainably.


Basil: Fresh for longer for certain with FreshSAFE

The packaging of basil requires special knowledge of the product and its storage conditions. Whereas basil in a MAP pack discolours adversely after a few days, it remains fresh and crisp for significantly longer in a FreshSAFE pack with active EMAP.

Your product can look very impressive

  • 6 days after being packed
  • 10 days after being harvested
  • Storage temperature 12 °C

Free white paper on the subject of FreshSAFE - Download it now

Packs of fruit, vegetables and salad products assume a wide range of tasks: They protect the product on its journey from the producer to the consumer, they extend the shelf life, and they present the product attractively at the point of sale.

Our new "FreshSAFE" white paper gives you an overview of how you can significantly increase the shelf life of your fresh products so that basil, for example, remains fresh for up to 10 days after harvesting.