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Packaging solutions for Industrial and Consumer products

We offer integrated packaging solutions for industrial and consumer products, and these solutions are far more than just perfectly functioning machines. We can call on many years of far-reaching experience. Our experienced experts will provide you with comprehensive advice and support throughout the entire process, starting with the pack design and only finishing with the machine running perfectly in your factory.

Wide range of pack features for individual packaging solutions

Product protection

Products are securely protected in their permanently sealed packs against the impact of environmental conditions. The residual oxygen content and the pack atmosphere can be precisely controlled by packaging in a vacuum or a modified atmosphere.

Transport protection

Packaging that is individually matched to the properties and shape of the pack content is able to provide the best protection against mechanical stress.

Protection against UV radiation

Packaging materials with suitable barrier properties protect your product against UV radiation.


Protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)

MULTIVAC packaging systems are able to process anti-static or conductive packaging materials. When products are manufactured with protection against electrostatic discharge, this protection is systematically continued during the packaging and transport processes.

Anti-theft protection

Protection against theft is a decisive factor in the case of high-value products.

It is possible to produce very durable and securely sealed packs with mechanical protection against theft, and these can not be opened in retail areas without implements.

When it comes to electronic protection against theft, MULTIVAC packaging systems can be equipped with labellers, which can securely apply RFID labels to the inside of packs.

Small products can be packed in sufficiently large blister packs, which make it difficult to pocket or hide the packs and therefore remove the need for anti-theft devices that inhibit purchase.

Counterfeit security and product authenticity protection

MULTIVAC packaging experts would be glad to advise you individually in regard to packaging your products to protect them from counterfeiting. One standard solution for anti-counterfeiting is introducing RFID labels in the packs. Holograms can also be used.


Packaging industrial and consumer products securely, efficiently and flexibly

When it comes to packaging industrial and consumer products, we are able to offer a wide range of methods, capable of being designed to meet your individual requirements.

Our range of services

Packaging design

Following a process of consultation with our customers, a pack design is created from the complex product requirements, and we then transform this into sample packs for a wide range of tests. We have Application Centers worldwide for this purpose, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of measuring equipment, and which are staffed by experienced application experts. We support you both in the selection of packaging materials and in the implementation of the most sophisticated packaging forms for your distinctive product presentation.

Packaging material efficiency

MULTIVAC has developed several solutions to optimise the consumption of packaging materials, such as the reduction in the land area between the packs, as well as the width of the seal flanges and edge trim on thermoformed packs. The pack design can also make a significant contribution to reducing film consumption.

Integration and upgrading

MULTIVAC offers packaging solutions in various levels of automation, from manual systems and semi-automatic machines to turnkey, fully integrated packaging lines. We manufacture handling systems, converging and transport systems, as well as marking, labelling and quality inspection solutions ourselves. We also like to integrate components from other manufacturers in our packaging solutions.


MULTIVAC Track & Trace™ enables packs to be marked individually or on a precise batch basis. The data on product origin and its processing is applied to the pack during the packaging process for each specific machine cycle.

Information and identification

MULTIVAC Track & Trace™ enables packs to be marked individually or on a precise batch basis. The data on product origin and its processing is applied to the pack during the packaging process for each specific machine cycle.


Sustainable packaging concepts have long been a daily practice at MULTIVAC. We always have the complete material cycle in mind. This applies not only to the application of the machines but also to their entire life cycle. Our packaging machines are accordingly not only extremely resource saving but also have an exceptionally long service life.

Our services

It is our claim that MULTIVAC packaging solutions will meet all your requirements and the statutory regulations as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To this end, our team of experts offers you a wide range of support services and technical assistance.

Package drawings and sample productions

Following a process of consultation with our customers, an individual pack design is created from the complex product requirements. Using 3D pack drawings and sample productions, we then develop the optimum pack for every product and for all output requirements. We have Application Centers worldwide for this purpose, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of measuring equipment, and which are staffed by experienced application experts.


We offer comprehensive training courses for you to become familiar with the operation, servicing and care of your machine. Either at our worldwide Training Centers or with you on site. The coaching is practically based and is carried out right at the machine, and you also receive the written training material at the end. In this way, you can fully realize the potential of your new MULTIVAC packaging solution.

Project management and putting the machine into service

From the initial idea to the first test run - a competent and experienced project team will be at your side during the implementation of your packaging solution, a team that will accompany you from the first evaluation to the final completion of the packaging project. Briefing your employees and the final acceptance, complete the putting into service.


Service, spare parts and retrofits

MULTIVAC's technical service ensures the maximum availability of your packaging solutions. Whether service or repair work, troubleshooting or retrofits - our customer service advisors and regional service technicians are always there for you.

MULTIVAC spare parts not only ensure fault-free operation and a maximum service life, but they also fulfil the highest safety standards. We are able to guarantee a quick and comprehensive supply of genuine spare parts in MULTIVAC quality through our worldwide spare parts logistics, as well as the decentralised warehouses at our service support points.

Thanks to our Retrofit Service for the modular designed MULTIVAC packaging machines, you can respond flexibly to the new requirements of the market and your customers. We will gladly advise you on the retrofit possibilities in respect of your packaging solutions.


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User reports & technical articles

Packing sustainably

By using different material and packaging concepts, manufacturers can make an important contribution to meeting the current market demands with regard to sustainable packaging solutions.


MULTIVAC is redefining thermoforming packaging with its X-line. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system and its networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance and future-proofing.

MULTIVAC Pack Pilot - a new dimension in operating convenience

MULTIVAC Pack Pilot is cloud-based software, which supports operators in setting up the packaging machine to the optimum degree, without a high level of expert knowledge being required.

Developed with the customer in mind: the new HMI 3 user interface

With its IPC08 machine control and HMI 3 user interface, MULTIVAC is heralding the start of a new era of operating convenience for packaging machines. The focus of this development was on all machine users and their needs. The innovative concept, together with a new generation of machines, will be presented at…

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Complete turnkey lines from one source.

The MULTIVAC product portfolio comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, labelling and marking equipment, quality control systems, and automation solutions. Our product range is completed with equipment upstream of the packaging machine in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. They guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency.

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