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MCS conveyor systems

Automated infeed and transport for maximum efficiency.

The features of MULTIVAC belt systems are their high level of efficiency, flexibility, and durability. Every aspect of their design has been perfected, so that products, trays, and packs are always transported at maximum output, with minimum usage of energy resources, and optimum utilisation of the available space. This means that investment and operating costs are low, while the added value for customers is high.

MULTIVAC belt systems can be used in many different ways. They safely, economically and hygienically automate the infeed of products and trays to packaging machines, the infeed of packs to downstream modules and the removal of boxes.

MULTIVAC belt systems feature high efficiency, durability and cost-effectiveness. A modular system with a wide range of belt geometries and belt lengths enables custom design to meet specific requirements. MULTIVAC belt systems can be seamlessly integrated into packaging lines and their machine controls. As stand-alone solutions, they work continuously or are sensor-controlled. Their operation is simple, intuitive and safe. Cleaning and maintenance can be carried out quickly thanks to their ergonomic design.

Benefits at a glance

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Low-wear belt materials
  • Robust and durable design

Reliable infeed and transport

  • Safe handling of products and packs
  • Can be configured as required using edge guides, height-adjustable feet, sensors and ejection devices, and so on.

Simple and reliable operation

  • Ergonomically arranged control devices
  • Free access on both sides
  • Maximum legroom for manual activities
  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ for simple and reliable cleaning


Conveyor systems:
Converging and transport
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