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MULTIVAC Smart Services & MULTIVAC Pack Pilot

Greater efficiency thanks to digital solutions


Thanks to its groundbreaking digital solutions, MULTIVAC is today able to offer a wide range of tools, with which machine availability and therefore efficiency can be increased.

Transparent processes and process data in real time make an important contribution to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of systems and lines.

With MULTIVAC's digital products and services, we offer our customers innovative solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimising production - even networked across all locations to facilitate comparison. Simple, convenient and "live". For new equipment as well as retrofitting to existing machines.

The use of MULTIVAC Smart Services does not require a large start-up investment, since the modular range of digital wizards allows them to be tailored flexibly to the particular MULTIVAC machine or appropriate line components. This means our customers benefit equally in all operational and strategic areas, from machine operator to factory manager.

Live Recording | Smart Services

Since 2017, we have been continuously working on the development of effective digital solutions that simplify the daily work of our customers. One example of this is myMULTIVAC - our comprehensive customer portal that covers all customer needs.

In this live recording of our MULTIVAC Summit 2021, you will learn how myMULTIVAC simplifies the daily work of our customers and how Smart Services help to achieve the best from your MULTIVAC machines.






An overview of our Smart Services


Smart Production Dashboard

Do you have a quick and clear overview of when and how many items are actually being produced, or not being produced, at your production site?

In 8 out of 10 cases, the failure to reach the production target could be detected at an early stage, and in over half of these cases the target can still be reached through timely countermeasures.

The Smart Production Dashboard provides you with your production figures at a glance, at any time and from anywhere, and you are always where the action is.

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Smart OEE Analyzer

Do you know how efficiently you actually produce your individual items?

Many of our customers have no precise key performance indicators for their efficiency. Resource-efficient productions are not only faster to reach market and more consistent, production costs also decrease immensely and margins increase.

Thanks to the Smart OEE Analyzer, you can analyse efficiency based on data. You can identify whether your production is behaving as planned or whether optimisation measures have to be taken at one or more points.

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Smart Log Analyzer

Do you know the most frequently occurring faults on your machine? Do you know how much downtime these cause?

Seize efficiency increases in a targeted way and monitor them transparently?

Using the Smart Log Analyzer, you can identify the main causes of your downtimes, as well as the most common faults and their average downtime at a glance.

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Smart Machine Report

A film change on our machines can take 3 minutes. How long do your employees need for this?

Our Smart Machine Report provides you with various comparisons of machines or shifts, details on recipes, and recipe changes at a glance.

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Smart Data Backup

Is the security of your recipes as important to you as it is to us? Do you want to ensure you don't lose any recipe changes you've made, as well as be able to have access to these at anytime, from anywhere?

With the help of Smart Data Backup, all recipe changes are automatically backed up and you can easily restore recipes without this affecting your packaging process.

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Did you know that it often takes over 20 minutes to parameterise a new recipe on our machines?

Did you also know that only rarely are the optimum values for process reliability and performance set on the machines even after parameterisation?

Our MULTIVAC Pack Pilot enables you to create a new, almost fully-optimised recipe with just a few clicks: Right at the machine or parallel via the web application so as not to interfere with your production.

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Smart Production Dashboard

Control centre for digital machines

From the user's point of view, the control centre of a digitalised machine is the dashboard, which can be run not only on a large flatscreen beside the machine, but also viewed remotely if required on a PC in an office. This means not only does the operator at the machine have "live" access to all the relevant information about the current performance, but company management has the same access. The benefit of such a tool lies in the significant reduction of communication channels and reaction times.

  • Access to the packaging process in real time
  • Important key performance indicators are shown on a clearly arranged dashboard, and they are itemised according to production days and shifts
  • Any differences between shifts, as well as longer-term trends, can be easily identified and analysed


Smart OEE Analyzer

A strategic instrument for increasing efficiency

The Smart OEE Analyzer offers in various degrees a detailed analysis of a packaging machine's operating data within a time period of up to four weeks. The software captures the percentage availability, pack quality and output of the machine, then multiplies these values and calculates the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the packaging machine.

  • Simple overview of the effectiveness of the packaging process on the machine or line
  • The data is shown as a time series on an interactive dashboard. The characteristic features can be tailored by selecting various time periods or shift models
  • Since output, availability and quality are displayed separately, the causes of inadequate OEE can be identified simply and precisely


Smart Log Analyzer

A flexible tool for optimisation

The Smart Log Analyzer reads the report and fault memory of the machine, then loads the relevant data to the Smart Hub, where it is subsequently analysed. The data capture ranges from higher-level information, such as the machine's productive time, right up to individual events that cause downtime. The Smart Log Analyzer is aimed not only at users of the machine, but also service technicians. In the event of a fault, the important data is available immediately to the service technician for troubleshooting, allowing machine downtime to be reduced to a minimum.

  • Precise evaluation of the protocol data from a MULTIVAC machine or line allows for quick identification of the main cause for unplanned downtime.
  • All faults, which occur in the time period under consideration, are listed and visualised according to the total downtime caused, the average downtime, or the frequency of the downtime.
  • The Smart Log Analyzer enables customers to detect the main causes of discrepancies in output during the packaging process, and then to eliminate the specific problems.


Smart Machine Report

Quick and meaningful comparison

A high-end control tool for use by both the shift supervisor and the company management. The Smart Machine Report contains all the analysis reports for your machine, which are generated automatically and at regular intervals for downloading, and which can also be distributed to other people. These clear and informative reports allow comparisons to be made between machines and shifts, as well as providing information about recipes and recipe changes, and they also enable the performance of the entire packaging process to be evaluated. The data is stored centrally and can be called up quickly and conveniently at any time from a PC or smartphone.

  • Automatically generated analysis reports
  • For meaningful comparison based on shifts, machines, recipe changes, recipes, etc.
  • Can be called up quickly and conveniently
  • Highly valuable for shift supervisors and production planners, as well as the company management.




Smart Data Backup

Valuable data automatically backed up

You are always on the safe side with MULTIVAC Smart Data Backup!
Thanks to this really smart tool, the settings on a MULTIVAC packaging machine are always backed up automatically in a protected online domain. Smart Data Backup runs smoothly in the background without adversely affecting your packaging process. It can be accessed very flexibly from anywhere via a browser. All the settings can be downloaded in this MULTIVAC Smart Service at any time and easily restored as required.

  • Automatic data backup in a protected online domain
  • Simple downloading and reliable restoring of machine settings
  • Flexible access via browser



Process optimisation in a new dimension

MULTIVAC Pack Pilot is operated directly via the HMI 3 of the packaging machine. When creating new machine configurations or recipes, the user simply selects the corresponding features of the pack, packaging material and product. In conjunction with the data for the particular machine and die, a pack can be created to virtually the optimum operating point, and the corresponding recipe can then be loaded directly when required. The system generates the required parameters on the basis of a rule engine, which ensures continuous optimisation of the system.

Thanks to MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, the packaging machine is already set to the optimum degree when production is started, allowing high-quality packs to be produced immediately, without any appreciable start-up loss of material. This leads to significant savings as regards product, packaging materials and production time. Pack Pilot also makes it easier and more reliable than ever before to change a machine over to another packaging material.

  • Automatic recognition and pre-allocation of the format set currently used
  • Calculation of over 10 relevant parameters when creating a machine configuration for an item (RX 4.0)
  • Secure data communication
  • The operation of Pack Pilot is integrated seamlessly into the HMI 3 user interface, and it is available in all operating languages
  • Simplified search with automatic updating of over 100 film specifications

myMULTIVAC - your central access point to the MULTIVAC world

One login for all MULTIVAC applications:

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Comprehensive self-service options:

  • Buying spare parts, packaging material & digital products
  • Purchase order information & documents, tracking of dispatches
  • Machine information, documents & performance
  • Manage your Installed Base
  • Service information & reports

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MULTIVAC Pack Pilot - a new dimension in operating convenience

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