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Conveyor belt labellers

Labelling and marking of thermoformed packs, trays, film pouches, tubs, and folding cartons.

Maximum flexibility in terms of label positioning, print options and product handling - our modular conveyor belt labellers always ensure labels are applied with maximum precision and at high output to the top, base, front, side, or leading edge of the pack. They can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated seamlessly into existing lines.

MULTIVAC’s modular conveyor belt labellers offer maximum flexibility for labelling a wide range of packaging, such as cups, cans, folding cartons, tubular pouches, thermoformed packs or trays. They can be seamlessly integrated into existing filling or packaging lines, or they can be used as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed.

Conveyor belt labellers are also very flexible with regard to the positioning of labels. Labels can be applied to the top or bottom of packs, to one or more of their sides, as well as on the leading face or over the edges of the pack. A wide range of transport conveyors, applicators, printers and monitoring units are available as equipment options.

Benefits at a glance

Simple and reliable operation

  • Easy to operate due to intuitive User interface
  • Integration of labelling parameters in recipe management
  • Easy cleaning due to hygienic design
  • Quick-release clamps for quick label roll changes

High labelling and marking quality

  • Reliable processing of the widest variety of label materials and formats
  • Precise positioning on a wide range of pack contours
  • Integration of a wide range of technologies for printing on the labels
  • Integration of optical inspection systems for Label and print inspection

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

  • High level of availability thanks to quick label roll change
  • Low maintenance requirements due to maintenance-free design
  • Robust and durable design
  • “No product no label” function for reduced label consumption
  • “Zero downtime” function for uninterrupted labelling


Labelling solutions for packs and containers:
MULTIVAC‘s modular constructed conveyor belt labellers offer the highest level of flexibility in the labelling of a wide range of packs, such as jars, bottles, cartons, tubular pouches, thermoformed packs or trays. They can be seamlessly integrated into existing filling or packaging lines, or they can be used as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed.
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The BASELINE L 300 conveyor belt labeller is a cost-effective solution for simple labelling tasks that are carried out outside packaging lines. The L 300 has his own independent machine control and can be used flexibly at various locations within production.

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The BASELINE L 301 conveyor belt labeller is a cost-effective solution for simple labelling tasks carried out within packaging lines. The L 301 is operated on the HMI of the MULTIVAC packaging machine; it does not have an independent machine control.

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L 310

The L 310 conveyor belt labeller is a flexible, highly configurable solution for complex labelling tasks. The packs are transported using transport belts.

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L 310 Full Wrap Labeller

The benefits of full wrap labelling with the L 310 are a high level of automation, maximum labelling accuracy, a high degree of flexibility regarding the pack shape, and a wide range of label shapes and materials.

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L 320

The L 320 conveyor belt labeller is a flexible, individually configurable labelling and marking solution for cylindrical products, shaped bottles, jars or cups. Labels can be applied to the front and back of the product as wrap-around labels.

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L 330

The L 330 is specially designed for labelling flat packs such as sliced sausage or cheese. The packs are transported by means of side toothed belts, which provide optimum accessibility for top and bottom labelling, as well as for optional label and print inspection.

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L 340

The L 340 series of MULTIVAC conveyor belt labellers can label cylindrical products accurately, reliably and simply. The products for wrap-around labelling are placed on a driven roller conveyor at right angles to the machine running direction. 

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L 350

The L 350 series of closure labellers seal the open edges of folded paper products such as pack leaflets, outserts and self-mailers by applying a label.

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User reports & technical articles

Attractive solutions for full-wrap labelling of packs

MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has continually expanded its range of conveyor belt labellers in recent years. The spectrum now includes a wide range of solutions for many different labelling requirements and output categories – from the simple BASELINE conveyor belt labellers to 2-track labelling systems with up to ten…

MULTIVAC Conveyor belt labeller L 300

Christian Vlasselaer reports on the successful sales launch of the baseline L 300 labellers in Belgium

The new series of BASELINE L 300 conveyor belt labellers was presented for the first time in Belgium at the EMPACK exhibition in Brussels at the end of September 2014. Five of these labellers had already been sold to Belgian customers by the end of 2014.

Attractive labels for ready meals from Belgium

Fresh salads, delicious soups and ready-to-eat meals are packed by Rabbit N.V, a Belgian family business, in a wide range of different trays and formats. But the wide variety was not the only reason why the changeover of the labelling process to a MULTIVAC labeller for edge-wrap labelling was a real challenge – an…

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Complete turnkey lines from one source.

The MULTIVAC product portfolio comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, labelling and marking equipment, quality control systems, and automation solutions. Our product range is completed with equipment upstream of the packaging machine in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. They guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency.

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