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The best is just good enough.

Satisfy your customers with freshly caught freshwater and ocean delicacies.

Evacuation with professional chamber machines from MULTIVAC is the simplest solution to the diverse array of challenges in the fish trade.

Our evacuators ensure optimal product protection. The high quality and freshness of fish and crustaceans remains fully preserved, along with their consistency and appearance. Hygienically packaged, your products have a significantly longer shelf life – a great advantage for you and your customers, who also appreciate increased flexibility in storage, transport and consumption. Use the film pouches directly as sales packaging. In this way you not only save packaging material but can also attractively stage the goods at the counter and in the refrigerated rack.

Fresh fish is highly sensitive. Protect your products effectively during transport and storage with maximum hygiene.

Vacuum packs are stable and safe. Their tight seal ensures that microorganisms and damaging environmental influences have no chance, optimally protecting your products during transport and storage. Fish and crustaceans can be pre-portioned and hygienically packaged, making them more durable and ensuring freshness. In addition, the packs can be stored more easily and longer, from which you benefit – along with your customers – especially in case of strong demand at peak times.

Absolute freshness is key to your success. Extend the shelf life of your products and stay flexible.

Through extraction and packaging under a protective atmosphere, you increase the shelf life of fresh fish and crustaceans. Whole fish, as well as fish fillets or processed fish, is thus optimally prepared for transport and storage. The packs can be simply and hygienically stored as well as frozen, with freezer burn being reliably prevented. Due to the extended shelf life and better utilisation, you also reduce food waste.

Vacuum packs create added value and protect the environment. Use the film pouches directly as sales packaging.

Stable vacuum packs easily add value and increase flexibility. Both fresh and smoked fish can be stored longer, more easily and more hygienically at the end consumer’s home before consumption. During freezing, the high-quality vacuum packs reliably prevent freezer burn. Above all, they extend the shelf life of sensitive products and allow for pre-portioning for the sales counter in the fish trade. Through the use of printed film pouches, presentation at the point of sale can also be significantly enhanced.

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are a simple and economical solution that meets the diverse requirements in the fish trade.

MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. Our portfolio for fish mongers and fish processing companies includes machines to meet a variety of requirements. The powerful table and free-standing machines also enable production of packs with modified atmosphere. All models feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. They are reliable, durable and come with comprehensive service, making them an ideal assistant in your business.