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Packaging materials

The broad range - films, trays, film pouches, paper-based materials.

The optimum pack result is based primarily on proven machine technology and perfectly tailored materials. When it comes to the development and production of suitable films, trays, pouches, and paper fibre-based materials, we work exclusively with leading manufacturers and always comply with the highest international standards in each material sector.

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of packaging materials, which are perfectly tailored to our packaging systems and ensure that optimum results are achieved. The material range comprises films, trays, and film pouches, as well as paper fibre-based materials. We only work with leading manufacturers.

All packaging materials from MULTIVAC are produced under the highest international standards for packaging materials in contact with food. All the materials in our product range are manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards, such as HACCP, BRC/IoP and the appropriate EU or FDA regulations.


Our core expertise: Film-based packs.

We offer our customers a wealth of expertise and experience in running thermoformable films. Thanks to our extensive range of products, we can cover all your individual packaging requirements and would be glad to advise you on all aspects of running the materials.

Films for optimum packaging results.

Our range of films include only those materials which have been thoroughly tested in our Application Center, and have been shown to ensure the optimum results when used with our packaging systems. Our range of materials also includes films, which have been specially developed with leading film manufacturers for running on machines that have special MULTIVAC technology. Using these materials gives you the optimum packaging results in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. These include, for example, our MultiFresh™ film range, which comprises a wide range of different upper and lower webs for producing vacuum skin packs.

Maximum quality and process reliability.

Our range of films includes only materials from leading manufacturers, which meet all the relevant standards and directives covering the food packaging industry.

Together with our partners in the industry, we are continuing to develop our range of films, so that these materials can be run on our machines to the optimum degree and provide the best possible packaging results.

MultiFresh™ films

A MultiFresh™ pack consists of a rigid lower web and a flexible upper web, which drapes around the product without tension and is sealed to the entire surface of the lower web.

MultiCook™ films

MultiCook™ films can be run on MULTIVAC thermoform packaging machines with a high level of efficiency and process reliability.

FormShrink® films

In the case of FormShrink® packs, MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive range of films, which are specially designed for the requirements of FormShrink® packaging systems.

Thermoformable films

If vacuum, MAP, or vacuum skin packs are being produced, MULTIVAC offers an extensive range of thermoformable films, which are specially designed for the running conditions of our customers' products.

Upper webs

MULTIVAC also offers a wide range of upper webs for vacuum and MAP packs, and these too are specially designed for our customers' products and applications.


Our range of trays consists of a wide spectrum of sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. They can be used for a wide range of applications, such as MAP and/or vacuum skin packs.

We work in conjunction with a worldwide network of leading tray manufacturers, so that we can offer our customers the highest level of quality and flexibility.

Film pouches (vacuum and shrink bags)

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality vacuum pouches and shrink bags for packing on chamber machines and chamber belt machines, and the pouches are available in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and materials. Here too we only work with leading manufacturers who meet all the relevant standards and regulations for pouch manufacture. On request we can also offer film pouches with additional technical features.

Paper fibre-based materials

The MULTIVAC PaperBoard range includes a wide variety of solutions for producing packs made from paper fibre-based materials.

We work with strategic partners, who are technology leaders in their particular sphere, to develop paper fibre-based materials, which can be run on MULTIVAC's standard packaging systems.

Both MAP and skin packs made from paper fibre-based materials can be run on MULTIVAC systems. Our PaperBoard range includes materials, which can be run on thermoform packaging machines, as well as materials for running on traysealers. The packaging systems can be individually designed to meet the particular output requirements of our customers.

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Pack more sustainably

Reduced packaging consumption. Optimum recyclability. Packaging materials from renewable resources.

We can support you in increasing the recyclability of your packs and reducing the consumption of plastic. MULTIVAC's advisors, packaging experts and application technologists around the world are there for you!