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Thermoform packaging machines for medical and pharmaceutical products

Machine design to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. High level of process reliability and suitable for cleanrooms.

MULTIVAC is also the partner of choice, when it comes to packing complex or sensitive products, such as sterile medical items, in thermoformed packs - efficiently, reproducibly, and with a high level of process reliability. Our thermoform packaging machines, which were specifically designed for the exacting demands of this sector, meet all the necessary hygiene standards and can be adapted to the customer's individual requirements thanks to their modular construction.

The range of available equipment for MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines is matched to the special requirements of sterile medical products and pharmaceuticals. We offer machines in all output classes to suit the respective production volume and the required hygiene standards.Even MULTIVAC's compact thermoforming packaging machines are characterised by their ease and reliability of operation as well as their high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our customers benefit from the essential MULTIVAC advantages already in the entry-level segment as well as in the medium output range.

MULTIVAC’s high-performance thermoforming packaging machines can be designed for implementation of customer-specific special solutions. This enables them to provide customised designs, which are unique in the market as regards packaging material, pack properties, output, flexibility, automation and line integration.


Benefits at a glance

Simple and safe operation

  • IPC control with graphic HMI 2.0 user interface
  • Wide range of equipment options for maximum operating safety and ergonomics

Customised configuration

  • Capable of running a wide spectrum of packaging materials
  • Production of vacuum packaging and MAP packs with controlled oxygen content
  • Production of packs with thermoformed upper and lower webs
  • Wide range of equipment options for forming, sealing and cutting systems
  • Wide range of equipment options for packs with opening aids and additional functionalities
  • Integration of different systems for loading, labelling, inspection and converging

    Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

    • Efficient use of energy and packaging materials
    • Highest production output and pack quality
    • Wide range of equipment options for reducing downtime
    • Robust and durable stainless steel construction
    • Modular upgrading and retrofits for new machine functions

    Thermoforming packaging machines for sterile medical products


    MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines can be individually configured with regard to cleanability, process reliability, cleanroom suitability and data communication in order to ensure the safe packaging of sterile medical products in cleanroom environments.


    Optimum cleanability and process reliability

    • Visible safety guards
    • Prevention of hidden corners and cavities
    • Cable and line routing in closed channels
    • Particularly small gap dimensions

    Cleanroom compatibility

    • Low-particle modules
    • Activated carbon filter
    • Exhaust air collection unit
    • Closed cooling water circuit

    Data communication

    Thanks to various equipment options, our thermoforming packaging machines can be integrated into a company's organisational and data-processing infrastructure, such as MES and ERP systems or production data acquisition.

    • OPC interface
    • VPN client
    • Object 2 production data acquisition system


    Thermoforming packaging machines for sensitive and complex products


    Thermoforming packaging machines in the MULTIVAC Clean Design™ have significant advantages for packaging sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products. They achieve a high level of efficiency, even with small batch sizes, and they offer the greatest possible degree of process reliability, since they ensure that, among other features included, complete line clearance can be achieved.

    Machine design to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

    The innovative machine concept enables a strict separation to be achieved between the product processing area and the machine technology area. Transparent enclosures with large-area doors guard against direct access and environmental influences. The enclosures also offer perfect visibility and cleanability.

    High level of versatility

    Thermoforming packaging machines in the MULTIVAC Clean Design™ also offer great versatility with regard to packaging materials, format sizes and forming depths. A quick and simple format change facilitates conversion of the machine, even for small batch sizes. The packaging system is also designed for the production of modified atmosphere packs (MAP).

    Modular construction

    The systematic modular construction gives a high level of flexibility as regards the design and extension capability of the machine. It also enables automation, identification and inspection solutions to be integrated flexibly into the machine.


    Energy-efficient servo drives provide great precision in the transporting of the film and in the lifting units. A chain guide on one side (option) ensures that there is the best possible usage of packaging materials.

    User reports & technical articles

    Testing in the cleanroom

    Machine acceptances and initial sample productions can be carried out at MULTIVAC under cleanroom conditions!

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