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Processing solutions

Processing and packing from one source

As a leading manufacturer worldwide of integrated solutions for both processing and packing, MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive and constantly expanding product range from one source – thanks to its own innovations and developments, as well as company acquisitions and the integration of high-quality products from its partners into the range of solutions.

The presence of the FRITSCH Group in our processing sector is proof of our outstanding level of expertise in dough processing equipment. And this applies not only to industrial bakery companies but also hand-crafted producers. The product range extends from sheeting machines to highly flexible semi-automatic lines and right up to industrial-scale mono lines.

With its constantly growing range of partner products, MULTIVAC is able to cover practically all the typical operations within the area of food processing. From texturing and mixing through to cooking, curing, smoking, drying and right up to chilling. We tailor the product range to the individual customer requirements in the particular markets and countries.

MULTIVAC's partners include only those companies, which share our vision of efficiency, hygiene, ease of machine operation, process reliability and food safety. Thanks to our unique expertise in automation and complete lines, we are able to integrate our partners' products seamlessly into our efficient line solutions.

You also benefit, of course, from all these partner products from the same level of support and service, which customers of MULTIVAC equipment have come to appreciate. With our own worldwide network of sales and service companies, we can maintain a close relationship with our customers.

Processing solutions