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Marking systems

Labelling and Printing

For more than 40 years, MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has been developing labelling and printing solutions for many different sectors and markets. Our broad array of products range from standard labelling solutions to marking systems developed for the individual customer. Depending on your particular product and its printing and inspection requirements, we will provide a labelling or marking system which are capable of seamless integration into your packaging procedure. 

Conveyor belt labeller

Conveyor belt labellers can be used to label a wide variety of products. They offer the highest level of flexibility with regard to label positioning, printing, product handling and inspection. They can be seamlessly integrated into filling or packaging lines and can also be configured as a stand-alone solution with manual product infeed. Their modular design enables them to be ideally adapted, both technically and economically, to the widest range of labelling tasks.

Cross web labellers

Packs are labelled by cross web labellers in the thermoforming packaging procedure. Owing to their different installation types and numerous equipment options, they can be optimally adapted to particular spatial conditions and labelling requirements. The equipment with various printer and inspection systems provides for high pack quality. Thanks to their reliability and durability, MULTIVAC cross web labellers are a resilient module in the packaging procedure.

Direct web printers

MULTIVAC direct web printers are utilised for direct printing on packaging films during the thermoforming packaging procedure and on traysealers. With various mounting options, a wide range of printing technologies and many options for movement, they can be optimally adapted to the labelling task. MULTIVAC direct web printers work reliably, can be easily cleaned, and can be easily integrated into the packaging machine. This makes them an efficient building blocka in a packaging solution.

Inline labeller

MULTIVAC inline labellers can be integrated into a wide variety of packaging lines and offer a high degree of connectivity to diverse control environments. They are equipped with a servo motor optimised for the labelling procedure and thus reach especially high speeds and achieve maximum labelling precision.

Stamp printers

MULTIVAC stamp printers provide optimal printing results on the widest range of packaging materials. They are an efficient and cost-effective solution for simple labelling tasks and can be employed on thermoforming packaging machines as well as traysealers. MULTIVAC also supplies suitable consumable materials for optimal harmonisation of all components required in the labelling procedure.

Tabletop labellers

MULTIVAC tabletop labellers are a cost-effective solution for labelling small batches. They are available in manual and electrical versions and have a manual label dispenser for labelling surfaces and cylindrical products.

Thermal transfer printers

MULTIVAC thermal transfer printers achieve perfect printing results on labels, films and packs. Varying printing widths, operating options and printer versions make them a technically and economically ideal labelling solution.


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